One Of My Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass Recipes With Dressing

Greetings to all of you. I am back once again for another new Chilean sea bass recipe. Now, if you are a new visitor in this site then I would like to let you know that cooking Chilean sea bass recipes with Yan is updated regularly. So if you like to learn and cook Chilean sea bass recipes by yourself then you might want to go here every now and then. For this new recipe I have decided to add another one of my pan seared Chilean sea bass recipes. One of my favorite ingredients in this recipe is the Pear Vinaigrette dressing which is very delicious. For some additional information on this dish. This is best served as a main dish. It will usually take 15 minutes for someone to prepare and mix the ingredients. And then it takes about another 15 minutes to cook this recipe. I think I would want to add other variety of pan seared Chilean sea bass recipe in my succeeding posts. But for now, let us start cooking this recipe.

Here are the ingredients that you would need for this dish:
-four pieces of Chilean sea bass fillets, six ounces each
-fresh ground black pepper
-three fourth cup off pear vinaigrette dressing
-two tablespoons olive oil
-4 cups off mixed vegetables including baby carrots, squash, zucchini, peas
-one fourth cup of chopped parsley
-one third cup of chopped pistachios

Once you are done collecting the ingredients above, you can now start preparing and cooking this Chilean sea bass recipe. First, you need to rinse the sea bass fillets in cold water and then drain the water. Mix the fish with salt and some pepper. Heat the oil in a big skillet in a medium high heat. After that, you can add the fish fillets and saute each side for approximately 3 to five minutes, it will also depend on the size of the fish. And then transfer the fish into a convenient tray and then drizzle each piece with two tablespoons of pear vinaigrette. Mix the hot vegetables with the remaining cup of Pear vinaigrette and then display each of them on your serving plates. Put each fish fillet on top off the vegetables. Sprinkle the pistachios and parsley on the Chilean sea bass fillets. Serve the food with your favorite drink and music.

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