Sauteed Chilean Sea Bass With White Wine

Once again welcome to cooking Chilean sea bass recipes with Yan. If you are one of those people who likes to eat healthy foods then you will definitely like this Chilean sea bass recipe. As we all know Chilean sea bass is rich in what we would consider a healthy substance which is known as omega-3. Another way to make serving fish healthier is to cook it in a sauteed way. Now let me tell you that one off the unique ingredient in this recipe is the dry white wine to make this recipe tastier. I am not going to make this one long anymore so let us now start gathering up the ingredients needed for this recipe.

-2 pounds off Chilean sea bass fillet
-a cup of dry white wine
-four tablespoons off combine butter and olive oil
-get a cup of all purpose flour mixed up with some salt and pepper
-two tablespoons of drained capers

Once you already have all the ingredients that you will need to get this recipe done, you would have old men up to 200° F. After doing that, or the flour in a empty bowl for dredging. Make sure that you coat each Chilean sea bass fillet with the seasoned flour and then get rid off the excess amount. Get a large nonstick skillet and then heat it up for three to four minutes. After that, add up the butter and olive oil in combination into it. Add up the Chilean Fillet without crowding the mixture. Increase the heat off to the high level and then saute by shaking the cooking pan from time to time. Do this until the bottom off the fish is evenly brown. This usually takes about 3 minutes. Turn the fish to the other side and then go opposite side of the fish. After this you can remove the fish, put it in a plate and then keep it warm in the open. Do the same process with the remaining Chilean sea bass fish fillet.

Now that the most part is done, you can now deglaze the pan with white wine. Cook, mixing it up over high heat until it is reduced by about one third of its original quantity. Mix the remaining butter and the drained capers. Put the fish in the plate and then drizzle some sauce on each fillet.

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